Wings Of Faith (2006)

Jim Seekamp: Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Flute, Drums
Mark Seekamp: Drums on "I Love Your Presence", "Encounter", and "Like Butter"; Guitar solos on "Like Butter"
Jim Plummer: Bass on "Wings Of Faith" and "God Sent His Son"


1. Wings Of Faith
2. I Love Your Presence
3. God Sent His Son
4. Encounter
5. All In You
6. Psalm 11
7. Spring
8. Underground Man
9. Credit Card
10. Praise To The Lord
11. I See The Good In You
12. Why Don't I Shut Up?
13. Like Butter
14. Under The Influence

Recorded at Pro Pivoted Productions in South Beloit, IL
All Songs Copyright 2006 Jim Seekamp
Cover Artwork By Jon Yuds