EEK Information Systems

Custom Programming:


The Games!

EEK Drawing Grid

This is a simple drawing program based on filling squares with color. It allows you to change the size of the squares and to save drawings.


EEK Word Elimination

This game is about creating words between 4 and ten letters long to eliminate all the letters on screen with as few mouse clicks as possible.


EEK Bomb Search

This game is very similar to the Windows game "Mine Sweeper" except with a few improvements.
The game starts with blank spaces already uncovered, so you can always start a game without worrying that your first click might be a bomb!


EEK Dice Match

This game is really Yahtzee; but it keeps complete records on all your stats.


EEK Word Game

This is a game where you try to create as many words as possible; with the program supplying half the letters and you supplying the other half.
Five letter words are worth 5 points, 4 letter words are worth 2, and 3 letter words are worth 1.