Words Of The Man

(Written September 10, 1992)
Recorded in 1996 (From the album "Channel Of Life")

This is a song off my fourth album ("Channel Of Life") from 1996. I worked on the album on and off from 1991 until it was released in 1996. It only took so long to make because I was so busy with my wife, family, work, and church during that time. We attended a church in Oak Park, IL at the time, and I was the youth minister in charge of the High Schoolers. I asked some of the musicians there to play along on some of the songs on the album, and this was one of them. Juan Gomez did a great job on the bass, and Tom Grams on the drums.

I wrote this song from the perspective of Nicodemus, and how I imagined he must have viewed Jesus. Jesus was a young man at the time, and Nicodemus was a seasoned Pharisee and a member of the Sanhedrin. It was he who Jesus told about needing to be born again to enter the Kingdom Of God.

I also took the opportunity to point out that when Jesus said "I am He" when those who came to arrest him asked which one was Jesus, all the men who had come after him fell to the ground. Not many people ever point that out, but it showed the tangible power in Jesus' words.

Musically, what I like best about this song is the guitar duet. The nice thing about recording one track at a time is that you can harmonize with yourself, and being somewhat influenced by Thin Lizzy's guitar duets by Scott Goreham and Brian Robertson, I just had to have one on the guitar break of this song.

Jim Seekamp - Words Of The Man.mp3

Jim Seekamp: Vocals, Guitars
Juan Gomez: Bass Guitar
Tom Grams: Drums


Words Of The Man (Written on September 10, 1992)

He spoke to me like He already knew me when I went to see Him that night
He told me things I did not understand; explaining darkness and light
I’d spent my life in the presence of wise men, I taught others what I had learned
but when this young man spoke to me, inside me my spirit burned

He said, “Believe”

My friends and peers were all jealous of Him because His popularity grew
so they sent out men to capture Him to see if they thought what He said was true
With torches and weapons they went after Him, and his followers with Him were found
They asked which man bore His Name and when He answered they all fell to the ground

He said, “I Am He!”


Recorded at Exodus Studio in Northbrook, IL in 1996
Engineer: Rick Simmons