Psalm 99

(Written October 31, 1985)
Recorded in 1990 (From the album "My Horn Is Lifted High")

This is a song off my third album ("My Horn Is Lifted High") from 1990. I started recording the album after starting the band "The Mud Sharks"; a power trio with me on vocals and guitar, Matt Mejia on bass, and Aaron Mejia on drums. It was originally going to be a Mud Sharks album, not a solo one.

The first half of the album was recorded pretty much "live" by the Mud Sharks in the studio. Aaron hadn't even heard most of the songs yet, so we'd go through each one and he'd make up a drum part and we'd record it on the spot. Later on I had my friend Doug Schoenbeck come in and record the guitar solo, and it is still one of my all-time favorite guitar solos ever. (Thanks again Doug!) This was definitely my "sloppiest" album, simply because I didn't have as much time to put into it, but a few of the songs turned out fairly well. This was one of them.

The Mud Sharks didn't last very long due to both Aaron and I having our own young families that needed attention, so I ended up recording the second half of the album solo.

The lyrics are quotes from Psalm 99, and back when I put it to music I thought this translation (Revised Standard) of the Psalm was alright despite the changing viewpoints from one line to the next. But the point is still there, and since it is basically a praise song I just overlook that part of it.

Jim Seekamp - Psalm 99.mp3

Jim Seekamp: Vocals, Guitars
Matt Mejia: Bass Guitar
Aaron Mejia: Drums and Percussion
Doug Schoenbeck: Guitar solo

Psalm 99:1-5,9 (Put to music on October 31, 1985)

The Lord reigns; let the nations tremble
He sits enthroned between the cherubim
Let the earth shake

Great is the Lord in Zion
He is exalted over all the nations
Let them praise Your great and awesome Name
He is holy

The King is mighty; He loves justice
You have established equity
In Jacob You have done what is just and right

Exalt the Lord our God and worship at His footstool
For He is holy


Recorded at Exodus Studio in Northbrook, IL in 1990
Engineer: Rick Simmons