Night-time At Imago Dei

Written August 8, 1982
Recorded in 1985 (From the album "The Secret Kingdom")

This is another song off my first album ("The Secret Kingdom") from back in 1985. I originally wrote it a few years earlier, about the family camp my family attended every year. Yes, the camp's name was Imago Dei (the Latin term for "image of God"), and almost every year between my birth and the end of High School, my family attended for one week during the summer; on one of the two family weeks. The camp had several weeks earlier in the summer dedicated to youth, but for my family, the family week was a can't miss event. The camp was situated in central Wisconsin, in the middle of nowhere, between the two tiny towns of Bevent and Elderon, on Mission Lake (also known as "Crooked Lake"). All the families stayed in log cabins, and did without television for a week. My mom loved the fact that she didn't have to cook for a week, since they supplied the meals at the mess hall three times a day. We all made life-long friends at that camp, and the memories are bountiful. My older brother Mark and I took pride in our ability to speed down the Plover River on canoe trips, and he and I would also play our guitars and sing around the campfire at night. After the campfire event was over, the adults would retreat to the mess hall to play cards and drink coffee, while us kids often goofed off outside, sometimes until the early morning hours. My brother and sister and I had a group of friends that we hung out with every year who we looked forward to seeing and spending time with.

The music for the song is really rather simple, and I guess it was influenced mainly by one of my favorite bands at the time, The Moody Blues. Almost every song I recorded back then had to have at least one harmony, and I think The Moody Blues' execution of tons of harmonies was probably what made that band appeal to me so much!! But this song was much more about the words, and capturing the "feel" of Imago Dei Family Camp.

Once again, my friend Ken Toeller-- a fellow member of the "Party Of Erwin" from our High School days-- graciously agreed to play drums on this whole album, and he definitely added a lot to it, for which I will always be grateful to him.

Jim Seekamp - Night-time At Imago Dei.mp3

Jim Seekamp: All Vocals, Guitars, Bass Guitar, Keyboard
Ken Toeller: Drums

(By Jim Seekamp on August 8, 1982)

Lights shine in the windows; a long day comes to a close
Sand still stuck between the toes as outside a cool wind blows

Thinking back on the day, each event has something to say
Just canít wait til tomorrow; itís night-time at Imago Dei

The crackle of the campfire and voices raised in song
Guitars strum in the background; children running around

The stars overhead seem to shine so much brighter than they do at home
As the parents drink coffee til midnight and the Lord watches over His own


Recorded at Exodus Studio in Northbrook, IL in 1985
Engineer: Rick Simmons