Micah 7:8

(Written April 8, 1985)
Recorded in 1985 (From the album "The Secret Kingdom")
Also on "Best Of Jim Seekamp (So Far)", a compilation album from 2000)

This song was the last song on "The Secret Kingdom" album from 1985. It is also the last song on my "Best Of Jim Seekamp (So Far)" album from 2000. The significance of this album is that it was my first CD release. There was no digital recording when I first started recording back in 1985, so in 2000 I remastered all four of my previously recorded analog albums to digital. I crammed as many songs as I could onto the CD thinking I could leave the other four in "out of print" status and just have the Best Of available, but that didn't work because I still got requests for the other four complete albums.

Anyways, getting back to the actual song, the words are a direct quote from Micah 7:8, which has always been one of my favorite Bible verses of all time. The song is short, but I still like it just because of the Bible verse.

Jim Seekamp - Micah 7:8.mp3

Jim Seekamp: Vocals, Guitar


Micah 7:8 (Put to music on April 8, 1985)

Rejoice not over me, O my enemy
When I fall, I shall rise
When I sit in darkness
The Lord will be a light for me


Recorded at Exodus Studio in Northbrook, IL in 1985
Engineer: Rick Simmons