Horse Power (2012)

Jim Seekamp: Vocals, Guitars, Bass
Lori Seekamp: Lead Vocal on "Dalilah The Diplomat"
Lisa Weyerhaeuser: Lead Vocal on "Rosie Toes", Harmonies on "Charming Acres Rescue"
Mark Mueller: Drums
Ken Wagman: Guitar solos on "Horse Power"


1. Horse Power
2. Ripley The Belgian Rescue Horse
3. Dalilah The Diplomat
4. Iota McHippus
5. Cupcake The Herdmaster
6. Scooby Boo
7. Goldie Oehler
8. Petey Pants
9. Mickey The Belgian
10. Rosie Toes
11. Maraba
12. Charming Acres Rescue

Recorded at Pro Pivoted Productions in South Beloit, IL