Head On (2017)



Jim Seekamp: Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Flute, Drums

Special thanks to DJ Fordis for synthesizer effects on "Splat Goes The Hippo"


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1. What's That You Say

2. Two Kinds

3. Head On

4. Psalm 91

5. Redeemed

6. Righteousness From God

7. For Freedom

8. Psalm 34

9. The Great Error

10. Network Communication

11. Stupid Three Chord Song

12. Clocking Balcony Time

13. The Great Show

Bonus Track:

14. Splat Goes The Hippo


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Head On (Full CD)


CD Insert Notes

                                        1. What’s That You Say   ©2017
                                        I wrote this song in 2017, to point out how there is so much negativity in the world these days coming at us 
                                        from all sides, but we have the choice of how to respond to it.  We have the choice of what to believe about 
                                        the world around us, what to believe about ourselves and others.
                                        2. Two Kinds  ©2017
                                        I originally wrote this song back on June 30, 1984.  I rewrote the words recently to fit the state of the 
                                        world as it is now.  There is an ever-increasing divide between those who believe what they hear from the 
                                        mainstream media and those who look for the actual truth.
                                        3. Head On  ©1983
                                        I wrote this song back on November 15, 1983, and made it the title song on my first musical recording in 1984.  
                                        It was recorded on cassette using the archaic method of sound over sound to overdub the vocal harmony.  
                                        I just never got around to recording it in a more professional manner until now.
                                        4. Psalm 91  ©1989
                                        I wrote this song on January 28, 1989; another old song that I finally got around to recording.
                                        5. Redeemed  ©1988
                                        This song is the result of combining two songs I wrote separately that never seemed to stand alone well enough 
                                        by themselves.  “Redeemed” (written on May 23, 1987) and “Through His Poverty” (February 23, 1988) seemed to fit 
                                        together very well, and what you hear on this album is the result.
                                        6. Righteousness From God  ©1988
                                        This song is a straight quote of Romans 3:21-26. I originally put these verses to music on October 14, 1988 
                                        and called it “His Justice”, but never got around to recording it.
                                        7. For Freedom  ©1990
                                        This is another song that is the result of combining two songs.  “For Freedom” (originally 
                                        written March 10, 1990) and “Garden Snake” (September 30, 1985)
                                        8. Psalm 34   ©1997
                                        I’ve put most of the Psalms to music at one time or another.  This one is from July 15, 1997.
                                        9. The Great Error  ©2017
                                        I originally wrote this tune to Psalm 14 on July 5, 1984, but the words and the music didn’t ever fit just right. 
                                        The one remaining line from the original song is “The fool says in his heart there is no God” (from Psalm 14:1)
                                        10. Network Communication  ©1985
                                        I originally wrote this on July 11, 1985, and just recently went back to it and realized how well the lyrics fit 
                                        into today’s world.  I did change a few lines to make it fit even better.
                                        11. Stupid Three Chord Song  ©2017
                                        I often get annoyed at the simplicity and lack of musical content in pop music, so I wrote this recently just for fun, 
                                        to point out the silliness you see and hear in pop music videos.
                                        12. Clocking Balcony Time  ©2017
                                        I originally wrote this song in 2016 after visiting the Lynn Fordis family in Florida and “clocking balcony time” there.  
                                        The phrase was Lynn’s idea.  But the song didn’t finally come together until after visiting again in 2017, and getting 
                                        the “click” idea from her sister, Carla Rush.  The names in the song have not been changed to protect the innocent :)
                                        13. The Great Show  ©1978
                                        This is one of my oldest songs.  I wrote it back in 1978 while attending Glenbrook North High School in Northbrook, IL.  
                                        Now, 39 years later, I have finally gotten around to recording it.  
                                        14. Splat Goes The Hippo  ©2008
                                        I wrote this song in 2008 and released it on the album “Xylem”, which was originally supposed to be a solo album, 
                                        but ended up being the first of seven albums recorded by my band, Xylem.
                                        This is a remix of the same parts, including DJ Fordis’s synthesizer parts.

Recorded at Pro Pivoted Productions in South Beloit, IL