(Written April 13, 1985)
Recorded in 1996 (From the album "Channel Of Life")

This is another song off my fourth album ("Channel Of Life") from 1996. I originally wrote it back in 1985, before starting the band Channel, but never got around to recording it until this album. Three of my past bands: Channel, Reason, and Xylem, have all played this song. My current band, Xylem, always ends our concerts with it.

The words attempt to convey the freedom of living by faith; care-free, and worry-free. It's been traditional to always end the song by quoting Isaiah 40, since that is kind of where the whole theme of the song is derived from.

I used the flute to try to imitate Craig Raffaelli's keyboard part from back when Channel played this song. It's not exactly what Craig played, but it's the same feel.

Jim Seekamp - Freedom.mp3

Jim Seekamp: Vocals, Flute, Guitars, Bass Guitar


Freedom (Written on April 13, 1985)

I run the race through field and forest
Wind in my hair
Over hill and plain I fly
Miles beneath my feet

Never will I grow weary
Never will I faint
My spirit - light and free - will never thirst

When time is no more
Tranquility has come to rest
The miles fly by
Peace within my soul

Entering the glory of my God
I kneel before Him
My lips abound with praise
My soul rejoices


Recorded at Exodus Studio in Northbrook, IL in 1996
Engineer: Rick Simmons