Cool Wind

(Written March 28, 1985)
Recorded in 2003 (From the album "Unrecognized")

This song was a staple in one of my earlier bands: Channel. Craig Raffaelli-- the keyboard player for Channel-- graciously agreed to play keyboards on this song and a few others on this album; "Unrecognized". The significance of this album is that it was my first album recorded entirely digitally and released on CD. It was definitely a learning experience, and some of the tricks I used to record my analog albums earlier on didn't work too well in a digital environment. I had a hard time trying to get a good distorted guitar sound for some of the songs on the album.

Anyway, getting back to the actual song, the words are about the relief that I have experienced in my life when I pray. The parallel is being in a hot desert with the sun so bright it hurts your eyes, then suddenly having a nice cool breeze come along, and having clouds cover the brightness of the sun. I wrote it back in 1985 but never got around to recording it until this album.

I was also blessed to have Randy Cieszynski (of "Napper Tandy") play drums on the whole album. Randy definitely added a lot.

Jim Seekamp - Cool Wind.mp3

Jim Seekamp: Vocals, Guitars, Bass
Craig Raffaelli: Keyboards
Randy Cieszynski: Drums


Cool Wind (Written on March 28, 1985)

When hot dry winds blow through me and the sun beats down
It will not overcome me when I stand my ground
God in His great mercy will find a way
A cool wind comes to soothe me when I pray

Clouds of mercy quickly come O shadows fall and shield me from the sun
Brightness and light go far away and a cool wind comes to me when I pray

Straining eyes close out the painful glowing
Oh stillness, give way to cool winds blowing
Peaceful waters start the gentle flowing
Oh mind and spirit feel the grace Iím knowing today


Recorded at Pro Pivoted Productions in South Beloit, IL in 2003