Beyond My Imagination (1985)

Written on July 5, 1982
Recorded in 1985 (From the album "The Secret Kingdom")

This is a song off my first album ("The Secret Kingdom") from back in 1985. I was really into doing vocal harmonies at the time, and wasn't afraid to use my falsetto back then either, which makes for a very interesting sound! I wrote this one a few years before recording it, and at the time of the release of "The Secret Kingdom" had already written well over 150 songs of various styles and flavors.

I remember writing this one, with the idea in mind that everyone seems to have a "second gear" they can "kick into" when life gets tough. People find their strength from all different inspirations, and I had found mine in God, and in realizing that religion does not reflect His love at all; either by its meaningless calistenics or in its apparent message of "be good and God will love you." I found out that God loves everyone, regardless of their supposed "goodness" and that He wants good for everyone. That gave me personally my "second wind", by realizing that people all have their faults, but all deserve second chances... including myself.

There were a few songs on this album that I decided to have no bass guitar on, and replaced it with low end keyboard, and this was one of those songs. Ken Toeller-- a fellow member of the "Party Of Erwin" from our High School days-- graciously agreed to play drums on this whole album, and he definitely added a lot to it, for which I will always be grateful to him.

Jim Seekamp - Beyond My Imagination.mp3

Jim Seekamp: All Vocals, Guitars, Keyboard
Ken Toeller: Drums

(By Jim Seekamp on July 5, 1982)

There's a part of me way down deep
That snaps at every test of strength
It's a part of me I'll never lose on earth; telling me to give in

There's a part of me way down deep
That cries when it is strained at all
And sends a reflex action to my mind; trying to force me down

Beyond my imagination, beyond my imagination

There's a part of me way down deep
That fights so that I may survive
And overwhelms the natural fear; helping me to succeed

It's beyond my imagination
It's beyond my self-control
It's solid and strong when I'm weak and afraid
It's overpowering, peaceful and overwhelming all at once


Recorded at Exodus Studio in Northbrook, IL in 1985
Engineer: Rick Simmons